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Overview Map - Click map image to ENLARGE

Map of trail system overview for Pyramid Lake (Southeast of Pyramid Peak) Begin at Pyramid Pass Trailhead (416)

Blackfoot Divide Trail
Blackfoot Divide Trail (278) runs along the Divide, linking trails from the Seeley Swan Valley to the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  This is a link trail and it would only be used in conjunction with trails into or out of the Young's Creek Drainage in the lower Bob Marshall Wilderness.  Closest road access starts at Cottonwood Lakes Road (477)  which opens May 1st, then turn left at road 4353 heading north. Turn right at road 4381 to the Pyramid Pass Trailhead.

Elevation: 7,290
Length: 5.3 miles
Trail Begins: Pyramid Pass, Junction with Trail 416
Trail Ends: Junction with Trail 40, head of Dunham Creek
Area Map: Lolo Forest Visitors Map
USGS Map1: Crimson Peak
USGS Map2: Morrell Mountain
Township 17N; Range 14W; Section 3
Phone: 406-677-2233
Mailing address: Lolo National Forest, 3583 Highway 83, Seeley Lake, MT 59868


Close-up Map - Click map image to ENLARGE

Close-up map showing location of the Blackfoot Divide Trail (278)  Southeast of Pyramid Lake. The Pyramid Pass Trail (416) and the Blackfoot Divide Trail (278) intersect east of Pyramid Lake