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Seeley Lake Montana Business Listings - Mission Mountains in the background




Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 406-677-3504
Faith Chapel (Pentecostal Church of God) 406-677-2220
Holy Cross Lutheran 406-677-2281
Joyful Noise Lutheran Childcare 406-544-8551
Living Water Catholic Church 406-493-4679
Mission Bible Fellowship 406-677-2110
Mountain Lakes Presbyterian 406-677-3575
Seeley Lake Baptist Church 406-677-2268


Seeley Lake Community Council Klaus Von Stutterheim 406-210-8576
Seeley Lake Cemetery 406-677-3409
Seeley Lake Fire Department  Dave Lane, Chief 406-677-2400
Seeley Lake Post Office 406-677-2474
Seeley Lake Sewer District Bob Skiles 406-677-3670
Seeley Lake Water District - Vince Chappell 406-677-2559
Seeley Swan Search and Rescue  Gary Connell 406-210-1150
State of Montana State Parks - Ryan Sokoloski 406-677-6804
U.S. Forest Service, Seeley Lake Ranger 406-677-2233


Seeley Swan High School 406-677-2224 ext. 5721
Seeley Lake Public Library (SSHS) 406-677-8995
Seeley Lake Elementary 406-677-2265



Alpine Artisans 406-754-0034
Blackfoot Challenge 406-793-3900
Clearwater Resource Council 406-677-0069
Drift Riders 406-677-7777
Ducks Unlimited Attn: Mark Butcher 406-677-2227
EMRI 406-677-0247
I Ride Seeley-Swan Van Service 406-880-3685
Ken Silvestro, PhD Psychotherapist 406-677-7282
Kim Heninger, LCPC Licensed Therapist 406-677-2277
Loving Hearts 406-677-0126
Partnership Health Center 406-677-2277
Seeley Lake Chamber of Commerce 406-677-2880
Seeley Lake Historical Society 406-677-2990
Seeley Lake Lions Club (Cheryl Lewis) 406-677-2464
Seeley Lake Pond Hockey - Attn Mike Lindemer 406-677-4101
Sela Senci Senior Center 406-677-2008
Seeley-Swan Community Food Bank 406-677-5025
Seeley-Swan Healthy Relationships Project 406-546-0016
Sparrow's Vine: A Pregnancy Resource Center 406-677-1900
Sullivan Memorial Community Hall 406-677-7073
Swan Valley Connections 406-754-3137
Veterans & Friends of Seeley Lake 406-677-2543
Wilderness Sportsman's Club (Fran Marcoux) 406-581-2910