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Trails in the Lolo National Forest, MT

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.  
Blackfoot Divide Trail, el. 7,290 feet (2,220 m)
Camp Creek Pass Trail, el. 6,227 feet (1,898 m)
Catchem Creek Trail, el. 4,734 feet (1,443 m)
Center Creek Trail, el. 6,339 feet (1,932 m)
Center Ridge Trail, el. 6,237 feet (1,901 m)
Conger Creek Trail, el. 6,614 feet (2,016 m)
Conger Point Trail, el. 7,743 feet (2,360 m)
Danaher Hahn Creek Trail, el. 5,958 feet (1,816 m)
Dunham Lodgepole Trail, el. 4,390 feet (1,340 m)
Dunham Trail, el. 5,394 feet (1,644 m)
Dwight Creek Trail, el. 7,880 feet (2,400 m)
Falls Canyon Trail, el. 6,588 feet (2,008 m)
Fenn Mountain Trail, el. 7,631 feet (2,326 m)
Foolhen Creek Trail, el. 5,620 feet (1,710 m)
Foolhen Mountain Trail, el. 5,610 feet (1,710 m)
Grizzly Basin Trail #409 el. 6,250 feet
Haystack Mountain Trail, el. 6,565 feet (2,001 m)
Hobnail Tom Trail, el. 7,000 feet
Holland Gordon Trail, el. 5,407 feet (1,648 m)
Jumbo Lookout Trail, el. 6,099 feet (1,859 m)
Lake Otatsy Trail, el. 6,201 feet (1,890 m)
Limestone Pass Trail, el. 6,657 feet (2,029 m)
Lodgepole Trail, el. 5,338 feet (1,627 m)
McCabe Lake Creek Trail, el. 5,853 feet (1,784 m)
McDermott Trail, el. 4,902 feet (1,494 m)
Meadow Creek Trail, el. 6,489 feet (1,978 m)
Mineral Creek Trail, el. 6,598 feet (2,011 m)
Monture Haun Trail #27, el. 4,754 feet (1,449 m)
Monture Creek Trail #27, el. 5,574 feet (1,699 m)
Morrell Falls Trail, el. 4,793 feet (1,461 m)
Pyramid Pass Trail, el. 5,951 feet (1,814 m)

Found along the Auggie-Morrell Cutoff.  Penstemon is the largest genus of flowering plants endemic to North America with 29 species in Montana.


Map of the Lolo National Forest (shown below).  Click map for larger image.